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Testosterone: An Education


In Houston, Texas, Dr. Khera, a renowned practitioner at Baylor, has devoted his career to the intricate realms of men’s health, sexual medicine, and hormone replacement therapy. With a wealth of experience, he has delivered over 250 lectures globally, published extensively in peer-reviewed journals, and authored books on sexual medicine and men’s health.

Exploring the Fascination with Testosterone

Dr. Khera’s keen interest in testosterone stems from its pivotal role in men’s health. During our conversation, we delve into the multifaceted aspects of testosterone, ranging from its (mythical) connection to prostate cancer to the natural causes of low testosterone levels in men.

Unraveling the Mystery of Decreasing Testosterone

Is the decline of testosterone in men a natural phenomenon? The podcast explores this question, investigating the factors contributing to low testosterone levels and the implications for men’s health.

Weight Loss Drugs and their Impact on Testosterone

An intriguing topic discussed is the influence of new weight loss drugs on testosterone levels and male fertility. The podcast episode sheds light on the repercussions and considerations for those undergoing weight loss and the effects of adiposity on testosterone.

Revolutionizing Testosterone Therapy for Women

The conversation expands to encompass the administration of testosterone to women. Dr. Khera explores various methods, including topical applications, pellets, and compounded injectable doses. Beyond addressing low libido, the podcast highlights the diverse benefits of testosterone for women.

Chronic Pain, Pain Meds, and Testosterone

Examining the interplay between chronic pain, pain medications, and testosterone, the podcast underscores the significance of understanding how these factors impact men’s health.

The Intricate Mechanism of Testosterone and Body Fat

Listeners gain insights into the mechanism by which testosterone levels rise with the loss of body fat, emphasizing the interconnectedness of diet, exercise, sleep, and stress reduction as the pillars of natural testosterone production.

Erectile Dysfunction as a Warning Sign

The podcast emphasizes the critical link between erectile dysfunction and heart health. Dr. Khera asserts that a man’s sexual health serves as a barometer for his overall well-being.

DHEA and its Role in Men and Women

DHEA, a mild androgen produced in the adrenals, takes center stage as the podcast explores its role in both men and women, providing a comprehensive understanding of its significance.

Peyronies Disease, Testosterone, and Penile Stretching Devices

Dr. Khera delves into the connection between Peyronies disease, testosterone, and unconventional treatments like penile stretching devices, unraveling a fascinating aspect of men’s health.

Addressing Estrogen in Men

The podcast examines a 2013 Finkelstein article, raising the question of whether men are under-treated by not addressing their estrogen levels alongside testosterone and the important role of estrogen in men for bone health and libido.

Insights from the Traverse Trial

Dr. Khera shares his involvement in the NEJM study, the Traverse trial, offering insights into testosterone replacement therapy in men with hypogonadism and a high risk of cardiovascular disease.

Barriers to Testosterone Prescriptions

The conversation addresses barriers to testosterone prescriptions, including regulatory challenges. Dr. Khera provides his opinion on safe prescribing practices, acknowledging the likey permanence of DEA regulations.

Dr. Khera leaves listeners with a profound perspective on men’s health, urging a focus on lifestyle changes, and advocates for open conversations about erectile dysfunction. In a world where 50% of men remain silent about their struggles, this podcast serves as a beacon of knowledge and encouragement for men to prioritize their well-being.

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I’m the sister, urologist, sex expert and friend you never knew you needed….until now. I’m a board certified urologist — that makes me an expert of the pelvis. My purpose is to empower women to live their best love lives.


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Kelly Casperson, MD | Board Certified Urologist · Sexuality & Hormones Expert and Advocate


Kelly Casperson, MD

She’s the sister, urologist, sex expert and friend you never knew you needed….until now.

Dr. Kelly Casperson is a board certified urologist. That makes her an expert of the pelvis. And her mission is to empower women to live their best love lives. Because let’s be honest. None of us were taught right. Combining the power of mind, body and relationships, Dr. Kelly joyously breaks down the societal barriers that are keeping us from awakening into our best intimate experience.

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