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The Unfettered Urologist — Dr. Boone


In this conversation, Dr. Martha Boone, a urologist and author, discusses alternative therapies in urology, the importance of quality information, and the changing landscape of hormone therapy. She shares her experiences with alternative treatments for bladder health, pelvic pain, and urinary tract infections. Dr. Boone also discusses the journey of testosterone and prostate cancer, highlighting the shift in understanding and treatment approaches. She emphasizes the importance of considering quality of life in medical decision-making and the need for individualized care. In this conversation, Dr. Martha Boone discusses her experiences in urology practice and her transition to writing. She highlights the challenges urologists face in providing comprehensive care within limited time constraints. Dr. Boone also shares her journey as a writer, including the publication of her books. The conversation explores the differences between writing fiction and nonfiction, as well as the difficulties of writing memoir. The unreliability of memory is also discussed, emphasizing the subjective nature of personal recollections. The conversation concludes with gratitude and encouragement for the next generation of urologists.


  • Alternative therapies can play a valuable role in urology, providing patients with additional options for treatment and symptom management.
  • Access to quality information is crucial for patients to make informed decisions about their health and navigate the overwhelming amount of information available online.
  • The journey of testosterone and prostate cancer highlights the evolving understanding of hormone therapy and the importance of individualized care.
  • Considering quality of life is essential in medical decision-making, as it can greatly impact a patient’s overall well-being and satisfaction with treatment. Urologists often face challenges in providing comprehensive care within limited time constraints.
  • Transitioning from a medical career to writing requires discipline and adaptation to different genres.
  • Writing fiction and nonfiction require different storytelling skills and approaches.
  • Writing memoir can be particularly challenging due to the subjective nature of personal recollections.
  • Memory is unreliable, and individual recollections of events can vary significantly.
  • Gratitude and encouragement for the next generation of urologists.

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