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Testosterone with Dr. Morgentaler


Dr. Morgantaler, an expert in testosterone therapy, joins the podcast to debunk myths and misconceptions surrounding testosterone. He discusses the importance of testosterone beyond sex, challenges gender bias and stereotypes, and highlights the impact of the Women’s Health Initiative study on testosterone therapy. 

Dr. Morgantaler also addresses the reluctance of doctors to advocate for testosterone therapy and the challenges of off-label use and insurance coverage. He shares exciting developments in testosterone therapy and presents evidence that contradicts the belief that testosterone increases the risk of prostate cancer. He concludes by explaining the paradox of lowering testosterone and its effect on prostate cancer. 

The conversation explores the relationship between testosterone and prostate cancer, highlighting the misconception that testosterone drives prostate cancer growth. It is explained that there is a specific range of testosterone levels, around 250 nanograms per deciliter, where prostate growth is optimal. The concept of saturation is introduced, emphasizing that testosterone deprivation is more accurate than testosterone driving cancer. 

The discussion then shifts to the idea that different tissues may have different saturation points for testosterone. The importance of testosterone for quality of life is emphasized, with anecdotes from patients who experienced improved well-being on testosterone replacement therapy. The conversation concludes by addressing the trivialization of hormone deficiency and the need to prioritize quality of life in medical care.


  • Testosterone has important functions beyond sex, including impacts on brain function, muscle and bone health, fat distribution, and red blood cell production.
  • Misconceptions and gender bias have led to skepticism and reluctance among doctors to consider testosterone therapy for various conditions.
  • The Women’s Health Initiative study had a significant impact on the perception of testosterone therapy, leading to a decline in its use.
  • The FDA’s role in regulating testosterone therapy and insurance coverage limitations have created challenges for patients seeking treatment.
  • Recent research, including the Traverse trial, has debunked the myth that testosterone therapy increases the risk of prostate cancer.

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About Dr. Morgentaler

Dr. Morgentaler is a leading international figure in the fields of testosterone therapy, prostate cancer, and male sexuality. He graduated from Harvard College in 1978, and Harvard Medical School in 1982. 
Dr. Morgentaler is credited with shattering the decades-old belief that testosterone therapy is risky for prostate cancer, and pioneering the modern use of testosterone in men. More recently, Dr. Morgentaler has been a leading scientific figure in the global discussion regarding cardiovascular risks of testosterone therapy.


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