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You Are Not Broken

Menopause Society President — Dr. Lisa Larkin


I talk with Dr. Lisa Larkin, President of Menopause Society about how the conversation around women’s health has evolved over the years and the exciting changes coming down the pipeline.


  • Why did NAMS (North American Menopause Society) rebrand to Menopause Society?
  • “We can’t pigeon hole women’s health into the Ob/Gyns” – Dr. Casperson
  • “Women’s health doesn’t belong to any one specialty” – Dr. Larkin
  • Dr. Larkin shares her story about not being trained in
    menopause and her career journey and how she understands the WHI study.
  • We talk about fezolinetant (Veozah) – the new non-hormonal
    medication for hot flashes.
  • One of Dr. Larkin’s favorite thing to talk about is breast
    cancer risk assessment and prevention so we discuss this.
  • We define dense breasts.
  • Why alcohol just doesn’t make sense in midlife
  • Dr. Larkin shares her personal journey with menopause symptoms and sexual dysfunction. And shares non-hormonal options. And what you can do without seeing your doctor.
  • The role of confidence in midlife – lack of confidence in what to do and how Menopause Society/her clinic/my podcast can help – and what we see when women get confident and educated in midlife.
  • What excites Dr. Larkin about menopause and the women’s health space

MORE ABOUT Dr. Lisa Larkin

Dr. Larkin Trained at Yale and the University of Chicago, Dr. Lisa Larkin is a women’s health internist, menopause, sexual medicine, and medical breast expert and a women’s health physician and consumer educator who has been practicing in both academics and private practice for over 30 years. She is Founder and CEO of Ms.Medicine, a national health care organization dedicated to advancing women’s health on a broader scale and Founder and CEO of Concierge Medicine of Cincinnati, an Internal Medicine and Women’s Health practice where she continues to practice clinically. Dr. Larkin is the President of the Menopause Society.

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Dr. Larkin’s Clinic Site

Menopause Society’s Website


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