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Health Tech — Revolutionizing Vulvar Heath with Dr. Uloko


Dr. Maria Uloko, a urologist specializing in comprehensive sexual health, discusses her journey into urology and sex medicine.

She shares how she became interested in urology through a serendipitous encounter with a female urologist and her passion for surgery.

Dr. Uloko also talks about the importance of representation in medicine and her research on vulvar health. She highlights the need for better healthcare policies and advocacy to improve patient care and physician well-being.

The conversation touches on the challenges of the current healthcare system, including the degradation of the doctor-patient relationship and the lack of support for physicians.

Dr. Maria Uloko discusses the importance of physicians being involved in health tech and the need for their expertise in decision-making. She shares her journey into health tech and her passion for democratizing healthcare, particularly in women’s health. Maria highlights the gendered access to healthcare and the lack of patient resources.

She explains her vision for VULVAI, an AI-powered platform that provides accurate and evidence-based information to empower patients in their healthcare decisions. Dr. Maria emphasizes the need for patients to be educated and advocates for themselves, and the importance of challenging misinformation in healthcare.


  • Representation in medicine is crucial for inspiring and diversifying the field.
  • The current healthcare system is not sustainable and needs significant policy changes.
  • Physicians are facing burnout and leaving the profession due to lack of support and excessive workload.
  • The doctor-patient relationship is deteriorating, and there is a need to prioritize and protect it.
  • Advocacy and education are essential for improving patient care and addressing healthcare disparities. Physicians should be involved in health tech and decision-making processes to ensure that solutions are effective and work for patients.
  • There is a need to democratize healthcare, particularly in women’s health, and provide equal access to resources and information.
  • VULVAI is an AI-powered platform that aims to empower patients by providing accurate and evidence-based information for their healthcare decisions.
  • Patients should be educated and empowered to advocate for themselves and challenge misinformation in healthcare.

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