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Genitourinary Syndrome Of Menopause 101


This is an interview I did with my friend and co-founder of a menopause clinic Alloy, Monica Molenaar.


  • Why I care about women and sex and hormones
  • The definition of menopause and how we aren’t educated about what menopause actually is and the symptoms that can arise
  • Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause
  • The types of bladder leakage and how
    estrogen can help
  • The different types of estrogen –
    vaginal and systemic
  • Why we need vaginal estrogen even when we are not sexually active
  • Why I have a cream bias with vaginal estrogen, and other options.
  • Vaginal estrogen will not help your hot flashes.
  • Myths about who can and can’t use
    vaginal estrogen.
  • Biologic changes of the skin of the vulva after menopause
  • How the clitoris works.
  • Scream Cream – what it is and does it work.
  • Favorite lubes and I explain why I like what I like
  • Gen X is the lowest users of vibrators in America
  • There are many papers showing transdermal estrogen does not increase your clot risk above what it already is.
  • I explain the Women’s Health Initiative study and how it hurt women by creating fear.
  • Vaginal estrogen is equivalent in efficacy to the common overactive bladder medications. Why not restore function instead of taking
    the side effects of the overactive bladder medications?
  • When should you stop using
    your seatbelt, sunscreen and vaginal estrogen
  • Urinary tract infections put people in the hospital and kill them – this is not a hangnail.
  • Can estrogen alone help all pain with sex?
  • What do they new Menopause guidelines say about the window for starting systemic hormones and how long can you take them.
  • The role of androgens and testosterone in the g******s.


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