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You Are Not Broken

Roommate Syndrome, Giving Couples Hope and How To Be a Man Worth Desiring with Coach Glen Lovelace


Meet Glen Lovelace! I love his generosity toward helping men in relationships and his masculine energy on this podcast! He shares his story from desperate (even suicidal) plans to living a life of helping others live their best relationships.

When women learn about their sexuality and get empowered, often they feel stuck because of a spouse who they fear is not open to change.  I wanted to bring on someone who literally deals with this as his job.  Glen helps men who’s wives have been transformed in one way or another, usually by coaching education.

Glenn Lovelace is the wingman for men whose wives have transformed from coaching. He is a certified coach through the life coach school. Glenn has coached over 3,000 clients 1 on 1 since 2008.

His transformation started with bodybuilding after being in a very low place in his life. He decided he needed to prioritize himself to be the best spouse and father he could be.


  • “It’s okay to be uncomfortable.”
  • How to “gently” change your partner (and remember you can’t change anyone who doesn’t want to be changed): show them how you have changed, bring in a third party influencer, learn how to speak the same language, always remember you two are on the same team
  • Roommate Syndrome – just existing together and losing touch why you love and are attracted to each other.
  • If one person does their work, the marriage can get better.
  • Your spouse is just there to love.
  • Can couples start speaking the same language? Glen says yes!
  • Intimacy not in the bedroom is important!
  • Wanting your spouse to change for you to be happy is a toxic plan.
  • Happy Wife Happy Life – it’s a lie and Glen explains how it wasn’t good for him.
  • Each person is in charge of their own pleasure.
  • Don’t assume what is needed in a situation – – Ask
  • How to be a man worth desiring? Start dating and desiring your wife. Approach her how she wants to be approached. Date every week. Keep your commitments.
  • There are seasons to your sexuality.
  • Foundations of trust in a relationship: security, trust, safety, stability
  • The trouble with saying “divorce isn’t an option”
  • Talk about your religion – what does your religion say about sex and marriage and how have you navigated any challenges?


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“Progress Creates Happiness” – Glen Lovelace

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